Our Team

Steve ReedSteve Reed – Sr. Editor
+1 860-818-8746

Steve has been a tech-savvy person. He is always interested in knowing new arrivals in the world of Technology. In his professional life Steve is a tech author. He is fond of writing about technology. Along with a tech-savvy writer, Steve is a food lover. He likes to explore new places to eat various types of mouth-watering dishes.

Jeff NickolasJeff Nickolas- Editor
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Jeff has been with the team from the establishment. Thanks to his experience in the Health sector. He is a person devoted to script happening in the Health Care industry. Besides this, He also writes news related to Science. This category mainly includes news from space, different space agencies, discoveries, researchers and much more. The professional-life chief editor is a good tennis player.

Katharine DanielKatharine Daniel – Author and Contributor
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Katharine previously worked in a marketing company. But after revealing her interest in journalism and reporting She decided to become a contributor. Thus, writing business-related news is Katharine’s cup of tea. Additionally, She has an in-depth knowledge of the sector. she primarily focus on energy, finance, the world economy.